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Man Ray
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La coquille et le clergyman, Germaine Dulac, 1926
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the Persona was described by Jung to represent the conscious part of the mind, while the Shadow, Animus & Anima represent unconscious elements of the mind.

The shadow is the part of you you don’t reveal to other people, the characteristics that you hide or do not accept or recognize that you have.  Without becoming aware of, accepting and integrating these traits, they end up coming out in destructive ways that you cannot control. But in accepting them, you pacify them and they can be used to your advantage. 
The anima is a man’s inner feminine and the animus is the woman’s inner masculine. We often project our anima or animus onto lovers and become obsessed with them, which is indicative of our drive to become whole and individuated, a drive that is often mistaken for love. Really real super true love comes only from loving yourself, thereby freeing yourself to accept your partner as they truly are, not as a mirror for your inner visage. 
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